Read on to see what our travel content marketing program is about and how our veteran travel influencers will spread the word. But what we really want to know first is, what are you looking to accomplish with your digital strategy? What does your perfect content marketing campaign look like?

Do you need more website traffic, more bookings, or more destination visitors?

Would you like to see more social activity, more guaranteed publicity, or better long-term search engine positioning?

Are you trying to lure back visitors after a natural disaster, to show them you are open for business?

We can tailor a program to meet your needs by accomplishing these travel marketing goals in a natural, transparent way. You know where stories and blog posts will appear, which travel influencers are promoting your brand on social media, and when it will all play out. Your travel influencer and blog content marketing programs will be targeted to people who really travel, not just random eyeballs. We can deliver your message to the right people on websites they already trust.

Along the way, we will update a shared online spreadsheet in real time so you will have an ongoing report on where your messages are appearing. At the end, we provide a detailed report showing readership, opportunities to see, and other engagement metrics. We follow up with further results report months later with updates after the content has had time to rank well in search engines.

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By working directly with the editors and travel bloggers who create and edit the content for these popular sites, you gain brand champions who can use your service on the frequent journeys they are writing about. Our travel influencers will weave your brand or destination into the stories we tell through articles, blog posts, photos, video, and social media mentions.

Our readers and followers–your potential customers–see your organization associated with good times and adventure on an ongoing basis for three to six months, then later as the articles live on in the archives.


Using our content marketing agency to pull in participation from popular travel sites, you can increase brand awareness, visitors, and social media followers. This will lead to a measurable increase in traffic, search position, and visits/bookings. Our audiences are educated, engaged, and travel often. Our sites’ readers are making decisions daily on how and where to travel. We bring an impressive social media reach, dedicated readership, and strong search positioning together to drive an increase in business results.

What you can receive:
  • Defined number of featured stories, blog posts, social media posts, and videos
  • Customized pins that link to your website
  • Variety of organic inbound links from multiple travel domains using defined keywords and target pages
  • Ongoing variety of social media mentions with specific hashtags for tracking
  • Newsletter ads and/or dedicated e-blasts
  • Customized content for use on your sites, blogs, or associated properties


Combined, our 360° Network delivers content to online travel magazines, blogs, multiple social media outlets, and newsletters with one single campaign, one single agreement, and one point of contact. Our program provides you access to key editorial decision-makers to keep what you’re promoting in front of frequent travelers, with a consistent message. We knit together a network of diverse travel websites and blogs in one large visibility campaign package and take care of all the administration for you.


You don’t have to go out and find the right influencers and then negotiate with them all individually. We pull from a pool of 100+ experienced bloggers to find the right ones for your organization’s message. Once you hire us, we take care of vetting, payments, message coordination, scheduling, logging, and reporting.

You receive a contract with a specified number of articles, blog posts, social media mentions, e-mail newsletters, and posted videos in our travel content marketing campaigns. We can also add podcast sponsorships, custom videos, dedicated e-mail blasts, Instagram takeovers, and more. There is no “maybe” or “if my editor approves it” aspect to your relationship with us. You are dealing directly with the decision-makers who approve what does and does not appear online.