In a typical campaign we put together using the travel blogs and websites in our network, your message will typically reach 500,000 to a million unique readers combined. If our collective were a travel magazine, we’d be one of the largest ones in the world.

That’s just the start, however, since we amplify your message through social media to at least that many followers. The articles we create–which link to your website–will keep sending you interested visitors for years after our campaign is finished. Larger campaigns can easily reach 5 million or more in a natural way through organic content from trustworthy sources.

We are travel influencers working on your behalf for a sustained period. We are spreading the word with active travelers who are taking vacations regularly instead of just dreaming about it. Our blog readers and followers are educated, have enough money to travel internationally, and take several trips per year.

By tapping into our content marketing program, you don’t just reach the casual followers of one or two travel influencers. You spread your message out to the followers of multiple online magazines and blogs at once, then those influencers share each others’ articles and posts in a coordinated way. All participating sites reach frequent travelers who are planning trips right now. Shouldn’t they be hearing your message?

We get in front of your potential visitors or customers wherever they are: on social media platforms, when they search for articles, through e-mail newsletters, and by video. No one platform is going to reach everyone, so through us you are in front of frequent travelers in a 360-degree, comprehensive campaign. Then we track the results in real time so you’re ready for the next marketing meeting.

At the end, you don’t have to chase down individual partners for a report and try to cobble it all together. We provide comprehensive reporting for the whole travel blogger agency campaign, then do a follow-up report months later when articles have had more time to rank in search results.