You can get six months of ongoing content marketing promotion from us for less than what it would cost to put a single ad on a single page of a monthly travel magazine with equivalent reach. (And are your customers or visitors still reading magazines anymore? Really?)

Rates for our influencer content marketing and visibility packages start at $5,000 for a basic six-week or two-month package with 3-6 sites and social sharing among all participants. More comprehensive travel blog influencer campaigns vary in price depending on the number of articles, participating sites, social shares, on-site visits, and video deliverables. We have done proposals and RFP responses with rates from $5K to $300K and can scale up or down as appropriate for the client expectations.

Contact us to jointly arrange a detailed, custom proposal with specific numbers to be delivered across multiple media platforms and sites. By working with the 360 Degree Travel Network, you will interface with someone who has been involved in multiple campaigns and can set honest expectations based on what your peers have already tried and accomplished.

We call this a 360 Degree Travel promotion because you’re getting far more than pretty poses on Instagram or a fleeting video that’s gone in 24 hours. We reach your potential clients wherever they are online, not just on one platform.

The social media mentions will continue for the whole period of the promotion and the articles and pins we produce will keep sending traffic for years after the campaign is over.